How To Fish With Minnows For Crappie: 5 Awesome Tips

How to Fish With Minnows for Crappie

The same is the case when you are going to fish for crappie. If you are a crappie hunter, you must know some tricks to catch them efficiently. One crucial point is what crappies are attracted towards. Yes, you are right. You must select your bait wisely so you can catch more crappies with efficiency, and minnows are the crappie most attractive. 

How to Fish with Minnows for Crappie: Things you must know

Well, you want to hunt crappies with minnows, but do you know about them as someone asks you what crappies are and what minnows are, explain to me, can you? No problem will do it for you. Let’s discuss this.

What is a crappie?

Different types of fish are found in freshwater lakes and streams. Crappie is a fish with a white belly and black spots. Crappies are also found in fresh or salt water, lakes, streams, and rivers. Crappie is also known as pan fish because they have no scales and live in shallow waters.

Crappies are large, silver-colored fish that can grow to about 16 inches long. They primarily eat small fish, insect larvae, and other invertebrates. They have a deep body with small scales and scales on the tail fin. 

What are minnows?

A minnow is a type of fish that has small bodies and small mouths. They are also known as livebearers or livebearers because their young are born alive and grow to become adults. Minnows are found in fresh or saltwater, but they typically stay near the bottom of the water, where they feed on plankton, algae, and other smaller aquatic plants.

Minnows come in wide varieties, such as black, brown, orange, red, green, and yellow-orange, with stripes on their body and fins.

Selecting the Right Minnows

Choosing the right minnows is crucial to your fishing success. Look for lively, healthy minnows approximately 1-2 inches long. Avoid using minnows that appear sluggish or damaged, as they are less likely to attract crappie. When purchasing minnows from a bait shop, ask for “crappie minnows” or “shiner minnows” to ensure you get the appropriate type.

Rigging Your Tackle

To fish with minnows, you will need the right tackle setup. One popular method is to use a slip bobber rig. Begin by threading a slip bobber onto your fishing line, followed by a small plastic bead to prevent the bobber from sliding. Then, tie a small swivel to the end of the line to act as a stopper. Attach a lightweight fishing hook, preferably size 4-6, to the swivel using a clinch knot.

How are Minnows Used to Fish for Crappie?

When fishing for crappies, the most common bait is a minnow. Minnows are small fish that live in lakes, streams, and ponds and are easy to catch. The use of minnows for fishing crappies is nothing new. The practice has been around for decades. Minnows are used to attract the fish, and then they are removed from the water before they have a chance to escape.

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Minnows are also used in other ways, such as bait, live bait, and fertilizer.

How are Minnows Used?

The use of minnows for fishing crappies is an exciting and effective technique. Minnows are small fish used as bait to catch larger fish like crappies. Minnows are often used because they have a natural attraction to smaller fish like crappie. Minnows will swim toward the surface of the water, where they can be seen by crappie, who will then pursue them.

Minnows are also used as a lure because their color changes with their moods or when they sense danger. Crappies will see the color change and take it as an opportunity to hunt for prey that is more difficult to find than minnows.

How Do Minnows Help Us Become Better Fishermen and Catch More Fish?

use of minnows for fishermen

Minnows are small fish that are easy to catch and use in fishing. They have long, thin bodies that are soft and silvery in color. They swim slowly through the water, and often, they can be seen moving along the bottom of a pond or stream.

Minnows help us become better fishermen because they make it easier to catch other types of fish, such as crappie, walleye, bass, trout, etc. Minnows are also helpful when fishing for catfish because they provide bait that attracts these large predators.

Minnows help catch more fish because they operate as bait for larger predator species, giving us a chance at catching them.

What Types of Minnows Are There, and Which is Suitable for which size of fish?

Minnows are small fish living in freshwater, with several types of minnows. Some minnows are better for catching large fish, while others are better for catching smaller fish. There are 5 types of minnows: 

  • Sucker Minnow: These minnows have long bodies with wide mouths and large eyes. They produce a lot of body vibration, attracting larger fish. 
  • Spinner Minnow: These minnows have short bodies, with the belly being more comprehensive than the back, and they have longer fins on the rear part of their body, making them rush in the water. They also produce vibrations that attract larger fish to them. 
  • Darter Minnow: These minnows have an elongated body with a large mouth and small eyes. They produce fewer vibrations than other minnows but move quickly in the water to catch smaller fish.
  • Sheepshead Minnow: These minnows have long bodies with giant mouths and eyes. They produce fewer vibrations than other minnows but move quickly in the water to catch smaller fish.
  • Splake Minnow: This type of minnow is usually flat or slightly round, with a slender body, and has small eyes and mouth. They produce little vibrations which attract smaller fish to them, making the bigger fish think they’re safe and then flee into those safe waters.
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What’s So Good About Fishing With Minnows?

Minnow fishing is good

A minnow is a small fish that is typically not caught by fishermen. Minnows are generally smaller than other fish and have a unique way of fishing. Many people new to fishing often need help figuring out the best ways to catch fish.

Minnows are a great way to catch fish because they’re small and close to the bottom. They’re also very good at catching larger fish, which makes them an excellent choice for fishing in lakes, ponds, and reservoirs.

Many people new to fishing often need help figuring out the best ways to catch fish.

The Benefits of Fishing with Minnows

Crappie fishing with minnows is a new trend that is catching on in the fishing world. The crappie fishing with minnows technique is perfect for people who want to fish in a way that will not stress their tackle too much.

The crappie fishing with minnows technique is perfect for people who want to fish in a way that will not stress their tackle too much. It also allows beginners and experts alike to enjoy the crappie experience without worrying about getting tangled up in their lines or losing fish because of their size.

Some benefits of using this technique are:

  • Minnow-sized baitfish are less likely to cause damage to your gear.
  • Minnows are more effective at fooling other fish into biting them, which means you can catch more fish.
  • Minnow baits are used for various types of fishing, such as jigging, trolling, and casting.

Different Types of Minnow Fishing Techniques:

Anglers use various methods when fishing for crappie, but minnows as bait is one popular method. Minnows have a unique way of attracting giant game fish like crappie because their mouths are curved downward into the water, which creates a suction effect on the surface. This suction draws larger fish that are looking for prey.

Minnow fishing is a method of fishing that involves using minnows as bait. The technique has been used in many parts of the world and adapted to fit different environments and needs.

There are three main types of minnow fishing techniques:

  • Still-water fishing – Minnows are used as bait in still water bodies like ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, etc.
  • Still-water fly-fishing – Minnows are used as bait while fly-fishing in still-water bodies like ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, etc.
  • Moving-water fishing – Minnows are used as bait while fly-fishing on water like rivers or streams.

5 Essential Tips for Successful Crappie Fishing With Minnows:

tips for crappie fishing

Crappie fishing is a popular sport in the United States, and it can be pretty successful with the right equipment. You should follow several tips to have a good time fishing for crappies. 

  • Use the right bait. Crappies are bottom feeders and eat just about anything that sinks to the bottom of a body of water. You can use bread crumbs, worms, or chunks of meat as bait. 
  • Find out where crappies are most active in your area. If you know where they like to hang out, you’ll have an easier time catching them. 
  • Be patient and wait for your prey to bite on your hook! Crappies are picky eaters and only take bites when hungry enough. When they bite, they’ll grab onto your hook with their teeth and won’t let go until you set them free again! 
  • Know what kind of bait is best for catching crappies. Crappies are water hunters, so they’ll typically eat anything near the bottom of a body of water and move slower than them. If you fish with bread crumbs, worms, or chunks of meat, you might need help catching these fish.
  • Use the heavier tackle to catch more crappies. These fish weigh up to three pounds and require extra pressure to reel in!
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The article discusses the importance of choosing the right minnow type for your fishing needs. We have given all the essential information that will be helpful for your fishing skill. We have also given the types of minnows their usage by the size of the fish. 

The article concludes by saying there are many minnows, but choosing the one that will suit your needs and provide maximum satisfaction is essential.


  1. Are minnows the best bait for crappie?

    When fishing for crappie, the best bait options are jigs and minnows due to the diversification in the crappie diet. There are many ways to get them, as they are the perfect species for anglers.

  2. How do you fish with minnows?

    To fish with minnows, cast the line and let it sink to the desired depth. Use a slow and steady retrieve, or let the minnow swim naturally with a bobber or float. Watch for bites and set the hook when you feel a tug.

  3. How do you rig minnows for crappie?

    To rig a minnow for crappie fishing, attach a small hook to a light line and thread the hook through the minnow’s lips or back. Use a slip bobber or split shot to adjust the depth.

  4. How do you catch crappie for beginners?

    For beginners, crappie is minnow eaters, so they can use minnows as bait for catching crappie. Also, crappie anglers use ultra-light spin casting reels with 4 or 6-pound test lines.

  5. What size minnows are best for crappie?

    Crappies are large-sized species, but they are also fragile. We recommend that you run nothing smaller than a #6, and we often use a #4, #2, and even a #1 for large minnows.

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