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best surf casting rod for distance

When it comes to choosing the best surf casting rod for distance, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the length of the rod plays a crucial role in achieving greater casting distances. Longer rods, typically around 10-12 feet in length, provide better leverage and allow for more power during casting. Additionally, these longer rods also offer improved line control and help anglers cast their bait or lure further into the surf.

Another important aspect to consider is the action of the rod. A fast-action surf casting rod is ideal for long-distance casts as it allows for quick loading and unloading of energy during the cast. This results in higher line speeds and ultimately greater distances covered. On the other hand, a slow-action rod may not generate enough power required for long-range casts.

Lastly, it’s essential to choose a surf casting rod that can handle heavier lines and lures without compromising on sensitivity. Opting for a medium-heavy or heavy-power rated rod ensures that you have enough backbone to handle large fish while still being able to achieve impressive distance with your casts.

By considering these key factors – length, action, and power – when selecting a surf casting rod for distance fishing, you’ll be well-equipped to make those long-range casts with ease while enjoying an excellent fishing experience along coastal waters.

What is Surf Casting?

Surf casting is a style of fishing that uses a long, heavy surfcasting rod and a large spooled reel. “Sur casting” describes casting a fishing line over the water’s surface while standing on shore or wading in the surf zone. It is also called shore casting, beach casting, and surf fishing.

Surfcasting is an angling technique that uses a relatively heavy weight, called a “lead,” to fish along the bottom of the ocean or lake floor. The lead is held in place by the angler’s fingers and thumb and cast out into the water until it reaches its maximum distance from the shoreline, then drawn back in by reeling in line.

What are Surf Casting Rods?

Surfcasting rods are designed to be used in surf fishing. They are typically shorter than most other fishing rods, so they are used on the beach. Surfcasting rods are usually paired with a surfcasting reel designed to cast a heavy object like a lead weight or sinker.

Why is the best surf casting rod so important?

A surfcasting rod is an essential part of your fishing gear and needs to be the best surfcasting rod possible. The best surf casting rod is more than just a fishing rod. It is the one that will bring you the most joy when you are out there catching fish.

The best surf casting rod is important because it allows you to cast farther and more accurately than a cheaper rod. It also has a better chance of landing fish in the surf zone.

What are the Advantages of a Surf Casting Rod?

A surf casting rod is a fishing rod that is used for casting. It is used for catching fish from the shoreline, cliffs, or other areas close to the beach. Surf casting rods are also used by fishermen who need access to a boat.

Some advantages of surf casting rods are that they are lightweight and easy to use. They can be carried around and stored easily as well. They also provide fishermen with greater accuracy when it comes to catching fish.

How To Choose The Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance?

Fishing rods come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. Invest in a quality fishing rod to catch more fish or catch them faster!

The Best Surf Casting Rod for Distance Quick Overview!!

Many different rods are used for surfcasting, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to cast in a straight line toward the shore. The best surf casting rods are made with high-quality materials designed to be durable and versatile.

We have gathered some of the best surf casting rods to make your job easy and save time for your fishing trip.

1. Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

penn surf casting rods
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Package weight: 0.5 kg
  • Fishing technique: Casting rods


The Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rods are improved with strength, diversification, and great performance. These rods are a good choice because sometimes you get most of what you want without better luck.

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This rod has constructed composition of graphite and fiberglass. The graphite and fiberglass composition gives you sensitivity and strength with pulling power. As the rod is constructed with graphite, this rod does not feel bulky and is lightweight.

The Penn Prevail proves the fisherman saying that if you are not fishing graphite surf rods, you are not catching the fish but feeding them. The rod has a great response from tip to handle and is easy to cast and reel.

The reel housing and shrink tube handle are both reliable and very secure. One-piece stainless steel guides have great durability. It is a great rod with a price under $100.


  • Casts very well.
  • Great for long distances.
  • Lightweight.


  • Rod feels stiffer.
  • Breakable.

2. Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Fishing Rod

ugly stik fishing rod
  • Color: Black/Red/Yellow
  • Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Item Weight: 0.32 kg
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning


If you are going to fish in the oceans and are serious about it, you intend to catch larger species. These Ugly Stik Bigwater rods are well known for their unbreakable quality.

Besides the blank having similar material to Penn’s, Ugly Stik has a unique way of making rods, making them the hardest. Although the Ugly Stik Bigwater is strong enough for the larger species, they are also sensitive for the smaller ones. You can never catch the huge fish with any other rod, like from Ugly Stik Bigwater. 

For a challenging trip, when it’s a question about how to handle a big fish, the Ugly Stik Bigwater can solve your problem. This rod is constructed with a combination of graphite and fiberglass. One-piece stainless steel guide for maximum reliability.

Comfortable EVA grips provide a comfortable grip, and fuji reel seats make it an excellent combination. The price is very affordable, which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this sport.


  • Affordable.
  • Good for large species.


  • Heavy.

3. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods 

okuma surf casting rods
  • Material: Composite
  • Item Weight: 0.06 pounds
  • Color: Black/Blue/Silver
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning


The Okuma branded rod was made to get its place on the list. It is a casting rod for distance, also mentioned in the model number by a C. The rod’s sensitivity is very good as it uses graphite, but some users complain it has a sturdy backbone.

It is a great rod that has the power to pull large monsters. The Okuma longitude surf rods are built to provide comfort and durability. This rod has a sensitive graphite composite blank and sufficient backbone to cast heavy baits long distances.

This rod has premium components, allowing it to face harsh conditions in tough fishing environments. The line runs straight due to aluminum oxide guide inserts and double-footed stainless guide frames.

Five different lengths are available in longitude rods, so there must be one for your fishing needs. The longitude rods have covered your needs, whether you need a longer or compact rod.


  • Sizes available.
  • Different colors are available.
  • Comfortable.


  • Breakable.
fibilink fishing rod
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Action: Fast
  • Handle Material: Cork
  • Size: 12 Feet


Fiblink is a comparatively new company setting a good reputation for quality products at very affordable prices. The Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is a great option for any angler on a budget.

The biggest difference you get lies in the blank material. Besides being half in price, it is also very lightweight. No other rod comes closer to the value that the Fibilink provides you, so you can get started with this sport.

The rod is constructed with carbon fiber blanks, which means sensitivity and power. The Fiblink surf has a unique design with toughness and flexibility. It is easy to travel with 2/4 pieces as it fits anywhere in a car, boat, or trunk. 

The rod’s portability allows you to travel conveniently to your favorite destinations without any hassle whenever and wherever you want. This rod is available at a reasonable price, so it is an ideal option for people on a budget. 


  • Reasonable price.
  • Different sizes and prices are available.
  • Visual ascetics are nice.


  • Reel lock plastic.
  • Breakable.

5. Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Tica sorf rod
  • Material: Composite
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 7.27 ounces
  • Fishing technique: Casting, surf


Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod is a great choice for surf fishing. The rod is designed with a high modulus C2 graphite, light and tough enough to battle with species like perch, salmon, and stripers. 

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The features of the rod also include high titanium oxide ring guides, FUJI aluminum oxide tip top guides, a TICA APS graphite reel seat, and a superior non-slip cork tape handle providing a comfortable grip.

These surf rods are engineered to meet the needs of all anglers from different circumstances so you can catch various fish. Different sizes and weights are also available for the needs of different anglers.

This rod may seem overpriced to some anglers compared to other cheaper brands, but this is an excellent option for advanced anglers with its unique technology.


  • Weights and sizes available.
  • Comfortable Feelings in Hand.


  • Expensive.

6. Berry Pro Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod

berry pro graphite rod
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Action: Fast
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning casting surf


The Berry Pro rod is a cost-effective solution for anglers who are low on budget or want to step into this sport with a minimal budget. Some may think this rod is not equal to some expensive brands, but it doesn’t mean it is incapable.

The Berry uses IM7 graphite blank on this rod, providing great stiffness and excellent strength in a very affordable package. This rod has the sufficient backbone for most species, and fast means you will feel a light strike. 

The quality parts and components used in this rod high strength reel seat, EVA grips of high density, shrink tube design, textured carbon fiber rod surface, and rubber butt cap all add more comfort to your fishing experience.

Precisely aligned guides, professional design toughness, and flexibility combined on this pole make it a perfect and affordable choice for anglers of all levels.


  • Very light
  • Excellent handle
  • Strong blank to fight big fish


  • Guide quality could be a lot higher, just ok.
  • Material not durable as fiberglass.

7. Okuma Fishing Tackle Cedros Surf Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rods

okuma cedros graphite rods
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue, Black
  • Technique: Surf
  • Item Weight: 1 pound


It is the rod where Okuma has overtaken all the options. These are the rods that must be recognized for their quality. 

The heavy-duty carbon fiber used in this rod provides an unbelievably lightweight Cedros Surf with incredible strength and sensitivity. With this amazing strength, the Cedros surf can handle large species without worrying. Tough and strong, that’s a lot.

This Okuma Cedros Surf has 30T carbon, ultra-sensitive, responsive blank construction with stainless steel double-footed guide frames for long and increased distances. 

The Okuma offers a long rubber shrink tube handle that can go as far as someone for casting and fighting fish. The reel seat is great and can be expected to grip like a pro.


  • Very light.
  • Very strong
  • Durable.
  • Good casting.


  • Small stripper guide, which may affect casting.
  • Expensive

8. PENN 10′ Battalion II Surf Conventional Casting Rod

penn casting rod
  • Material: Composite
  • Color: Black, Gold
  • Technique: Casting
  • Action: Fast


The PENN Battalion II Surf is a modern, high-quality surf fishing rod. It’s right to say that the components and parts used in constructing this rod are high quality and advanced.

The rod is moderately fast action light, weight with strength and performance with a premium guide and reel seats to conquer the rivers built for saltwater fishing. You can detect the bite easily and handle and fight with no trouble with those large species you have gone to the water for.

The aconite used for the guide is strong and smooth, which makes it great for the fishing line. There will be no worry about the breaking of the guides.

The rubber shrink tube used in this rod provides a comfortable grip and maintains the grip even when wet. Rubber shrink tubes have the best performance among all the materials used in making handles. It will be according to your expectations.


  • Suitable for both salt and freshwater conditions.
  • Strong backbone.


  • Little Expensive.

9. OKUMA Aventa Float Fishing Rod

okuma aventa casting rod
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 2 pounds
  • Action: Medium
  • Technique: Fishing


The OKUMA Aventa Float Fishing Rod represents the extraordinary value when you need a rod that offers smooth casting and high dependence on float rods. These are well-balanced action rods for Aventa reels.

These rods are constructed using a sensitive graphite blank, making them well-balanced for fishing situations. Featuring a tall frame guide for line control and aluminum oxide guide inserts.

Whatever rod you purchase, it is very important to have proper grips for better handling. Okuma Aventa has a proper high-quality fore and rear cork grip, which provides a very comfortable grip and makes proper handling easy.


10. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Combo

abu gracia casting combo
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Blend
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Fishing technique: Casting


The Abu Garcia rod is the one that provides you with a gearbox that has extended life. This rod comes with a Dura gearbox that gives a good life to its gear.

It is equipped with 2 stainless steel ball bearings that provide smooth functioning in a single one-piece graphite frame. Get smooth drag performance with a multi-disc drag system. 

The Abu Garcia has a compact handle for a comfortable grip, and the Star provides a more ergonomic design. 24-Ton makes it light and well-balanced.

This rod also provides a centrifugal brake system which is very helpful in making consistent brake pressure throughout the cast. A synchronized level wind system improves line lay and castability.


  • Good casting.
  • Nice ergonomic design.
  • Good for catfish.


  • Little expensive.

How To Choose The Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance

Surf casting rods are designed to cast lightweight lures, bait, and heavy cover. They are usually shorter than a typical fishing rod but can be used for long casts. Surfcasting rods come in many styles and lengths, varying by weight and action.

Choosing the best surf casting rod for you is a challenging task. There are a lot of factors that come into account when you are choosing the perfect rod for your needs.

  • Type of fishing: The first thing to consider is the type of fishing you will be doing. If you are fishing in saltwater, a graphite rod is best because it won’t rust like an aluminium or steel one. Graphite rods are also lighter and more sensitive than their counterparts, which makes them easier to cast and control when fighting fish on the line. If you are fishing in freshwater, an aluminium or steel rod may work better because they don’t rust as quickly as graphite rods and can handle heavier weights more easily.
  • Length of a surfcasting rod: The length of a surfcasting rod also matters depending on your fishing type. The longer the rod, the more power it has to throw large baits far into deep waters with increased accuracy and efficiency. However, if you are fishing in shallower waters, a shorter rod is ideal as it will give you better control and maneuverability.
  • Purpose of the rod: The first thing to consider is what you will be using the rod for. Different rods are designed for different types of fishing. For example, surf casting rods are designed for catching fish in shallow water. If you are doing little of this type of fishing, there may be better options than a surf casting rod.
  • Budget: If you plan on doing surf casting, your next consideration should be how much money you want to spend on a new rod. There is a wide range in prices and features among these rods, so you must know where your budget falls and what features are most important to you before purchasing.


Many people think their fishing rods do not matter when catching fish, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Fishing rods may seem like insignificant accessories, but they greatly affect how well you can catch fish. 

Fishing rods come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. Invest in a quality fishing rod if you want to catch more fish or catch them faster!


What is the best length for a surf casting rod?

The length of surf casting rods can range from 9 feet to 14 feet. Longer can be difficult for beginners and unnecessary unless you need to make longer casts. Generally, the rod’s length from 10 to 12 feet is suitable for normal situations.

What weight surf rod is best?

The best weight surf rod depends on the species of fish you’re targeting, casting distance, and personal preference. Typically, a 10-12 foot rod weighing 2-6 ounces is suitable for most surf fishing applications.

What is the strongest surf rod?

The Penn Prevail II Surf Rod is considered one of the strongest surf rods, featuring a graphite composite blank, stainless steel guides, and a durable rubber shrink tube handle.

How far can a 10-foot surf rod cast?

The length of the surf rod should be enough to cast your bait where your hunt is located. To fish within 50 yards of the beach, a 7 to 10 feet rod is enough; for 50 to 100 yards from the beach, you need to go for 11 to 15 feet. 

How far can surf rods cast?

In short, with a surf rod, you can cast from 50-70 yards on a good day using them, which means you normally need less than that to catch fish in the surf.

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